Feb, 2006. For the past five months I have been living in a car at the edge of woods — jobless and homeless and totally unable to find a way out. I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't scream loudly enough, but I can read and write. So here I am laying down tracks...hopefully the start of an online paper trail out of here. (Update: Miracles happen....if you are reading my story I am part of your proof.)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Everybody...

Merry Christmas to all! Thankyou for reading the blog and the book and for all your kind words.... Very best wishes for 2008


At 8:08 am, Anonymous Aimee said...

A Very Merry Christmas to you, too, and a Happy New Year. I hope it's good to you xxx

At 8:52 am, Blogger Rachel said...

Merry Christmas Anya!! Have a wonderful 2008 and make sure you keep in touch.

At 10:02 am, Blogger Kim said...

I have just finished reading your story and wanted to write and wish you all the best for xmas & the New Year. I hope that 2008 is going to be your year....You are a true survivor and a wonderful writer..

At 10:45 am, Anonymous Shahz said...

hello..I'm Shahz from Singapore.. I have just finished reading your book. It is truly an inspirational book..At the end of the book, i was really glad you made it and didnt give up too soon..all the best.. merry christmas and a happy new year..take care..

At 11:17 am, Blogger Emiana said...

Happy Christmas, Anya. It's always great to see a new post from you. Be well and happy in 2008.

At 9:55 am, Blogger Tanya said...


Firstly wishing you a Merry Merry Xmas.

I am a 25yr old mother of one who works away from home and has just had her eyes opened to the affect the absence of a mother may have on a child, as the chiild may never express thier fear or longing.
I picked your book up at the airport yesterday at Perth airport - I am taking my son on his first flight and holiday to the theme parks on the Gold Coast of Australia... and now I'm wondering if this fun time will really amke up for my absences during the year.
I cried with you through your story on the plane (i'm sure my son thought the holiday was doomed!) you're undying love and strength will stay with me and has given me much to think about.
Thank you so much Anya for having the strenght to share your story and open this mothers eyes.
Sending you sunshine, strength and ever lasting happiness for this coming new year and all to folow.
Your are truly a survivor and should be so so proud of the fantastic book you have written.

Thanks again

Tanya from Western Australia

At 12:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your book was a gift for my mum yesterday and i ended up reading it - i have just finished. What an inspirational book. Thank you for letting me read about your life.

At 4:39 am, Blogger E said...

It feels like a Christmas present seeing that you've opened up the comments again Anya!
I'm really excited for you because you've put in the 'hard yards' in so many profound ways and the Universe always pays up - 08 has the potential for magic...

At 2:37 pm, Blogger Cut Up said...

I finnished reading your book about 3 this morning.. I have cried a lot throughout it, and it is a truly inspirational book.. It was made me think about my life very hard.
I decided to come on this site, just to see what you had written resently, wondering if there were any other books or anything, wanting to know what happened next..
What I didn't expect was to spend all morning writing about my life on here..
Thank you so much, now that most of it is out in writing, I can read through it and look at it sensibly.. Well as sensibly as a 16 year old girl can!

Thank you so much for giving me somewhere to express my feelings and talk about my life, without anyone knwoing its me!

CutUp Inside

At 11:58 am, OpenID cmtoomey09 said...

Hi Anya I have just finished reading your book and think you are truly amazing. How you didn't turn to crime or worse when you was homeless is an absolute attribute to your character. Happy new year x

At 3:00 pm, Anonymous ms.alba said...

hi anya,
just finished reading your book, you truly are an inspiration. thank god you turned that corner. a true, true, survivor. all the best for the new year sweetheart. xx

At 4:12 pm, Blogger patsy said...

You must always remember they are always someone worse off than you out there, so you must never give up. Always rely on Jehovah and ask him for strength to cope from one day to the other. Always ask him for his holy spirit. Remember his holy spirit comes and goes so you will have to ask for it on a daily basic. Keep you head up now and look on the good side, please do not go back thinking the way you was thinking before.

Please forgive but to forget you will never be able to do that, but always try not to let it come back into your memory to haunt you. Try to get in touch with your mother in Spain and also your brothers and sisters. You can also contact Katy this depends on how strong you are now.

My daughter bought this book while she was away on holiday. She said it was a true story. I started to read it and could not put it down until it was finish.



At 5:06 pm, Anonymous K said...

Dear Dear Anya,

My husband bought me your book for Christmas. They say never judge a book by its cover, but when I read the front, I thought I understood. I am the eldest daughter of a family with three younger siblings. I grew up with a mentally unstable mother and an uncaring father. After years of being told I was useless and good for nothing by my father, despite caring for my mother and younger siblings, I made a decision to change my life. I ran away, met a man who is now my husband, went to university and broke away from the one person who had hurt me more than anyone could. I've never been happier. I still think about him, but I am not ready to forgive him. I still see my mother every other day.

Anya, I understand why living in a car was appealing. My mother often sleeps in her car, just to get away from the world. You were so strong. I admire you completely.

Your story was worse than mine, Anya. I know life wasn't that bad for me, and I always had one parent who loved me, but you always see the grass as being greener on the other side.

Stay strong. Never look back, it's the only way to go forward.

Take care of yourself, darling.


At 7:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Anya

I started your book on Boxing Day and finished it in two days. I was totally captivated! I cried buckets in places especially at the selfishness of adults not realising how important it is to talk to children and ask their opinions. I am a foster carer and your book gives me an insight into what a lot of the children that I look after go through. I used to be very shy and introverted till I went on a course called Landmark — it’s at the following link: http://www.landmarkeducation.com/section_flash.jsp?top=21&mid=587894&source=emailfriendvid

It changed my life completely. I know you have come a long way but life is such a long journey and we sometimes need tools that we did not know we needed to continue. Feel free to contact me on my email address. Wishing you every success for the future and love and best wishes.

At 7:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received your book as a xmas present and I would just like to say WOW you are one of the most inspirational people I have ever heard about! Your story is very touching and I'm so glad you pulled through and I really do feel a sense of pride, and I really hope you feel that too. Your a hope to all those other unfortunate people living out their alone in the cold of the night! I'm really glad you did pull through! Hope life does carry on upwards for you, you really do deserve it! And I'm sure Mummy and Kathy will be in touch :)
Laura P

At 5:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anya

Ist of all Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. May 2008 bring all that you wish for. I have just finished reading your book Abandoned. What an amazing story of survival. I am really sorry for what you had to endure and hope that one day soon it will slowly fade away from your memory. Stay strong and please keep up your writing. I will visit your blog daily to see how you are going. Cant wait for your new book.
Best wishes always. Lidia xxooxx

At 2:44 pm, Anonymous Patel Sahib said...

You are a very brave person.
All the best in 2008...

At 7:31 pm, Anonymous Rachael Boffin / Wakefield said...

Dear Anya
You are truly an inspiration 2 us all. I have just finished reading your book, the strength and force of love that i have felt for my 8 yr old ellie has just grown (how love 4 ur child can grow when u have so much already i dont know but it has. I have cried 4 u throughout this book and i wish i cldv helped you throughout your traumatic years. The guilt i feel for having such a loving warm and kind family is unbearable. I thought of u whilst almost choking on my xmas dinner, although we all hear about the bad things in life and what goes on we still carry on with the moans and groans in life. I will think twice abt it being a bit nippy indoors, or my husband has the duvet!!! You are a woman of mighty strength u have put me 2 shame. I wish you all the love and luck you so rightly deserve and hope you find someone who will smother you with genuine hugs and kisses and want you for the amazing woman you are. Take care and i hope you find peace within.
Love from Rachael

At 10:58 pm, Blogger L said...

Dear Anya, Reading your story meant an awful lot to me. I will think of you always. Take care Anya may the new year bring you peace. L xx p.s. Dont stop writing!!

At 10:30 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Anya,

Have just finished reading your book and i have to say it was so sad! I like others could not put it down.

I loved the bit at the end about your guardian angels, it truly is a book to make you think.

I wish you all the luck for the new year and hope that things with your family turn out for the best.

Dawn. xx

At 3:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My daughter bought me your book for xmas! Once started i couldnt put it down.. U truly are an amazing woman to have come thru this and many could learn from you.. You are an inspiration. I wish you all the best for your future!


At 7:59 pm, Anonymous jeanette lancs said...

hi anya ,i have just finished reading ur book and i would just like to say how proud i am for what u have acheived ,so anya have a happy new year and a great 2008 jeanette

At 10:22 pm, OpenID Rcaro827 said...

Hi Anya I have just finished your book it touched me deeply and I understood so much of what you were feeling or not feeling it's a way of surviving.too have writen a book on my experiences 'The Lost Girl,'If you would like a copy please let me know. I'm so happy for you that you have learnt so much stuff to put to positive use from your negative experiences. Love & Light Caroline xx

At 12:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't begin to understand how you did it, How you made it.

I feel i never will be able to that.

The swedish cover of the book..the child...it looks just like me when i was that age.

I really hope 2008 will be a wonderful year for you.


At 3:29 pm, Blogger Lynsey said...

Hi, i am a 24 year old woman from England. I myself also grew up with an alcoholic and abusive father. Although i never encountered sexual abuse, i and my mother endured horrific physical and mental abuse. My father was in and out of prison for things such as drugs, roberry and assault, (just to name a few) so i spent most of my life never really knowing my father.
Eventually after 20 years my mother got the courage to leave, leaving her to raise me and my sister by herself. As you can imagine.....times were very hard.
I managed to get myself through university and am in a happy relationship, engaged to be married. However before this happy time, i also ended up in a mentally abusive relationship, funnily enough his name was also Craig!!! I thank god he is now out of my life.

It just goes to show that there is always a way out of such situations if you manage to keep picking yourself up.

Keep that chin up-and i hope you succeed in all you do.

Lots of love


At 4:02 pm, Anonymous Susan W said...

How brave you are and what an amazing person. I felt very humble every night as I started to read your book under the cosy warm duvet.

I hope that one day you will find true happiness.

At 3:37 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


just finished reading your story.it took me a day to read!
its an inspiration!
its very touchining and it makes me relise alot of things about life!
all the best to the future!

sian aged 17

At 3:58 am, Blogger January Rain said...

i read an article about you in READERS DIGEST. I just have to say that you are one strong woman to surpass such an ordeal. you should be proud. and look at all the wonderful things that are happening in your life. i must say i felt like my problems were so small when i read about you and you sleeping in the car for fear of your own life.. with uncertainty about the days after the long nights in the car. you've definitely gone a long way! congratulations on ur book! i wish u the best of luck!

At 12:44 pm, Anonymous hollie said...

hi anya,
i read your book and throught it was amazing how well it was written.
how are you?
hollie x


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