Feb, 2006. For the past five months I have been living in a car at the edge of woods — jobless and homeless and totally unable to find a way out. I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't scream loudly enough, but I can read and write. So here I am laying down tracks...hopefully the start of an online paper trail out of here. (Update: Miracles happen....if you are reading my story I am part of your proof.)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well...

All feels right with the world today.

Last night I made, and froze, a banoffee pie, a mound of gooey loveliness to be eaten at the weekend. The rain has stopped. The first purple bud of the desk-plant I bought last year has appeared overnight; I have just re-read psalm 23 and using my brand new keyboard have written the start of the first poem I have written in what feels like years. Also the magnolias are out and at the weekend I found a heartshaped stone on the beach and there are only 2 clear days left between now and the end of Lent. Coffee is fast approaching....And, just for today, it feels like nothing else matters.
Today I feel like someone has just given me a long, cold drink of water.

I hope all is well with you.


At 12:33 am, Anonymous V. K. Matthews said...

I just read your book yesterday and thought that the retelling of what happened to you was not only brave but also encouraging. I am most certain that you get comments like this often so I will not divulge to much information onto you. I just wanted to say thank you for your courage and perseverance. May only the best of times find you in your future.

At 4:29 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have just finished your book in 2 days. I'm speechless. I hope that you know that you are lovable and that all the bad stuff in your past was from others bad decisions and their mental & physical abuse. You seem to be the one protecting them, when they should have protected you. I'm a mother of two, a 18 year old and a 6 year old, and I don't ever understand how people think any child abuse is ok,including neglect & turning their backs. I was raised with a abusive father when he drank and a mother that would allways "baby" him instead of her children. When I left at 17 I had a baby of my own, I was poor and ended up with a mentally abusive man as well. I put my child first, and left, it was hard but it was so worth it. I know everyone has a different story to tell, but it kills me reading your story and as I do I watch my 6 year old son smile as he watches cartoons. I couldn't imagine him having to feel that no one cared. I wanted to reach out and hold the child called "Anya", and tell her that she is automatically lovable because she is a gift from God. It seems that you have found some peace, and I'm glad. It just shows that God is there, but that he answers our prayers in his time, not ours. And who ever does wrong will answer to God. Bless you. Leann

At 5:23 am, Blogger RNasuha. said...

Hey, Anya! I'm Rosnie Nasuha from Singapore. 13years old. I read your book, Abandoned about 3weeks ago. It really touched my heart. I cried when i read it. Seriously. Non-stop. You're a really great inspiration to others. I know it's super late to be commenting about your book since it was published a longlong time ago. Haha. But, i just read it this year. So, yeah(: I reallyreally lovelovelove your book. I recommended it to most of my mates y'know! :D I just have to. Cause it's totally awesome. Do reply this comment :) Till here. Byebye! :D

At 3:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anya I just started reading your book today and I am on page 141. However I just had to go to the back page and read your Epilogue because I need to know that you came through this nightmare! Then I saw your blog page and wanted to get an update on your progress. I cannot begin to understand what you have been through but I know this - you have such courage and your life is a testament to others in similar situations - if they can only know that miracles can happen. I believe in Angels and I know we all have them with us every moment of our lives waiting for us to ask them for help. Anonymous is right - God is there but he answers our prayers in his time and not always ours. I hope you continue to find peace and security. Thank you for sharing your story with the world. God Bless you always

At 4:29 pm, Blogger Debs said...

Hello,like everyone else here I've just finished your book.I'm truly amazed that you have got where you are now,you are a remarkably brave woman.
God bless
Debs xxxx

At 6:03 am, Blogger Jo Lok said...

Hey Anya,
It's me again,I just like to share with you something I have read, it goes like this:'the past is history,the future is unknown and this moment is a gift that's why it's called the present'.It sounds simple but it's actually very profound.So treasure your present now.All the best.


At 5:02 am, Blogger Annette said...

I have just finished reading you book. I could not put it down.Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure it will help others like yourself who have suffered such a terrible childhood to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you and may your life ahead be full of joy and happiness.

At 7:09 am, Anonymous Shargunan said...

Anya, I'm Shargunan from Malaysia. I have not read your book, but got a glimpse of your life from a story about you in an old publication of Reader's Digest (Feb 2008). I quickly rushed online to read more about you, and here I am now. Anya, I love people who reach pinnacles from sheer hard work and perseverance. You are one example. Im totally inspired by you, even without reading the book. I am eagerly waiting to get a copy and be elevated. God bless you, Anya.

At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Liz Grant said...

Hi Anya, I have just finished reading your book. I could not put it down I had a few hours of work so that I could finish it. I cannot begin to understand what you have been through. I wish you well in your new life well done.

God Bless
Liz Grant


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